I would love to book you guys but I'm just worried our venue may be a bit too small for the mirror?

Well we believe there's no event too big or too small for our luxury mirror. It's a mobile service and very simple installation with us only needing one power socket.

How long does it take you to set up the mirror and does this effect our booking time?

We require an hour set up time to enable us to prepare and solve any problems that we may face and so early access to the venue is needed and this does not effect your booking time.

As well as the printing out of pictures is there any other way we can retrieve all the images taken on the day?

Yes certainly what we actually do is email you all the images taken days after your event.

With regards to prices how does it work hourly rates or are there different packages?

There are various packages we provide so please email us at info@magicophotomemoirs.com where we can then forward you our package details and everything they entail so together we can find the best suitable  package for your special occasion and one your happy with.

How does the payment process work?

We require a deposit of £100 and the remaining balance to be paid two weeks before your event. This will all be detailed in an invoice.

On the day of my event I am likely to be very busy is it possible for me to give you a name and contact of someone for you to speak too?

Yes that is not a problem at all it would be very helpful and something we do tell our customers to do to ensure the event goes smoothly and everything goes to plan. 

I notice your based in London are you willing to travel elsewhere for a booking ?

Yes we do travel outside of London this can be discussed further.

I would like to hire the mirror out for more hours than you have advertised on your Packages is this possible?

Yes for sure, all we would need you to do is contact us letting us know how many hours you require and we will then sort out the best package for you.

Is there anything we should ensure we have for you guys at our booking?

We have everything needed with us but we do ask if possible at the venue we could be provided with two tables one smaller one for the printer and a longer table for props and the guestbook if that was a request for your event.

What special features make up this luxury mirror service?

Our service provide:

Magic selfie mirror with LED lighting
DSLR camera
Customised borders
Red carpets and ropes
Fun props
Personalised guestbook(optional)
Two members of staff
On screen paint pad to sign photos
Images sent via e-mail